The downside of Invisalign

October 27th, 2007

Teeth with Invisalign trayInvisalign, which offers a series of removable trays to align the teeth, has become a widely popular alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign trays are nearly impossible to detect, making them especially popular among adults who don’t want the adolescent look of braces. Rather than being cemented to your teeth like traditional braces, they can be removed entirely when eating or brushing your teeth, so you no longer have to worry about abstaining from certain foods or not being able to floss properly. While Invisalign offers considerable benefits, there are negatives as well which should be considered. No one told me about these reasons to not get Invisalign. I offer them now so that other people can make more informed decisions:

  • Although it is easier to brush and floss, any bacteria not removed from your teeth and gums will spend 20 hours a day locked inside the Invisalign tray. Your visits to the dentist may turn up more gum pocketing and plaque build-up than you are used to as a result. There can sometimes be a bad taste and odor from wearing the tray, particularly first thing in the morning.
  • Every time you eat, you need to thoroughly clean your teeth and your Invisalign tray before putting it back in your mouth. For frequent snackers (like me), this can be quite a hassle, and may require you to adjust your eating schedule. On the other hand, this can be an added incentive for those trying to break bad eating habits or lose weight.
  • You must be very disciplined and organized; leaving your tray out for more than 4 hours per day, even occasionally, will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. If you often find yourself running to work or school in a hurry after breakfast, and have a tendency to leave things behind, you may want to think twice about Invisalign. Going without it out for an 8-hour workday is not an option. Also, even disciplined patients have a tendency to slack off over time. This will inhibit the effectiveness of Invisalign. Consider the length of your treatment when deciding which method to choose. I consider myself very disciplined but toward the end I got very sloppy. As a result, my last two trays didn’t fit exactly right.
  • The treatment process for many people includes “shaving” your teeth down to create more space in your mouth for the teeth to move. This shaving is uncomfortable, but there is no lasting pain from it. If you have fillings in the areas needing to be shaved, the process is significantly more cumbersome and uncomfortable.
  • At the end of your treatment your teeth may not be perfectly straight. The orthodontist can do nothing about it except take all new impressions and get a new set of trays, which can add months onto your treatment plan. With traditional braces, the orthodontist can make a quick adjustment to fix any misalignments.
  • Although not scientifically studied, some people have complained about allergic reactions to the plastic used in the Invisalign trays. Allergy symptoms complained of include sore throat, cough, nausea, or constant throat clearing which goes away when the tray is removed. I did not experience any problems like this personally.
  • Once the treatment phase is over, and you enter into the retainer period, you have to wear the Invisalign tray every night, indefinitely. If you’re already experiencing problems with allergies, gum disease, or tooth decay, this can be a serious issue. You may be able to work with your orthodontist to use a traditional style retainer, instead of the Invisalign tray. I have been wearing my retainer tray now for 2 years and I am completely sick of dealing with it.

Whether to go with traditional braces or Invisalign, will be dependant on your lifestyle, habits, and personality. While there are pros and cons to every option, don’t let that deter you from going forward with orthodontics. If crooked teeth are annoying you or preventing you from smiling and feeling great about yourself, then the benefits of orthodontics will far outweigh the downsides.

Even though the Invisalign braces were a big hassle, I am so happy with the way my teeth look. I smile a whole lot more than I used to and I never cover my teeth anymore.

Have you had positive or negative experiences with Invisalign? I’d love to hear about it!

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107 Responses to “The downside of Invisalign”

  1. lulu Says:

    So is invisalign vegan approved?

  2. vegangirl Says:

    Well, I don’t think it’s made out of anything from animals since it’s all some kind of space age plastic, so it gets my “seal of approval.”

  3. hannah Says:

    so would you rather wear this or proper braces ?

  4. vegangirl Says:

    It’s a tough call. The idea of cementing brackets to my teeth is not appealing (I’ve had that done too when I was a teenager). But the trays were a hassle in their own way and I find putting that tray over my teeth and gumline all the time is a little gross.

    I still have to wear it every night forever, which I don’t like. I am concerned that it is harming my gums. I plan to go to an orthodontist and get a traditional retainer just as soon as I can afford it.

    If I had to do it over again, I think I would opt for the regular braces. I really do think it’s a tough call. But for me, I’m not convinced the benefits outweigh the negatives.

    My teeth aren’t perfectly straight (but they do look great and I’m the only one who can probably tell) – I could have gotten another set of trays to make my teeth perfect, but I wasn’t willing to wear these trays 20 hours/day for another 8-12 weeks. I believe they do more harm to your teeth and gums than the orthodontists let on. But regular braces do too, so it’s not like either one is a way better solution than the other.

    Again, I don’t regret having my teeth straightened at all. I am much happier now.

  5. Judes Says:

    Thanks for your blog. I have a question for you on the way that you found your trays to fit. I’m on my 3rd set (5th-6th week) of trays, and I’m finding that they are pushing into my gumline, leaving VERY noticeable indentations and marks. I’m even noticing that, in some places, it seems to be pushing my gumline *back,* ever-so-slightly (the edge of the tray is jammed up against the gumline). I’m not sure if this is “normal” or not. I didn’t notice this with the first set of trays, which my orthodontist examined and said looked fine. I just started noticing it wiht my 2nd set of trays, and I’m starting to wonder if this is the way it’s supposed to be. Did you have the same experience? Thanks.

  6. vegangirl Says:

    Judes – I didn’t have that issue. It sounds like a problem. I’d talk to the orthodontist about it. I hope he can do something for you.

  7. Radu Says:

    I just started this treatment like 2 weeks ago and I have to say a couple of things:

    1. The aligners are not completely invisible. In fact, if I smile everyone could see I have something over my teeth, especially since the edge of the tray is clearly visible. Also the attachments – small points of cement fixed on the teeth – are visible too.

    2. I never remove the retainers while I’m eating. I can eat almost everything without any discomfort at all, as long as the food is not excessively hard to bite on or very hot. The trays are extremely resistant for this, no issue whatsoever. After every meal, or every soft drink, a walk to the restroom to clean the plastics and wash my mouth. I’ve noticed that I can’t properly eat any food anymore without the trays, since the teeth are not properly aligned and have shifted.

    3. I’m only worried about one think : would the upper teeth be properly aligned with the lower teeth at the end of the treatment ? This is critical for proper mastication.

  8. vegangirl Says:


    Thanks for the feedback.

    As for your question (#3), that is something that your orthodontist should have kept in mind from the beginning of your treatment and most likely did. I know mine did. You could ask your orthodontist to make extra sure, if you are concerned.

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  11. Legacyleader Says:

    I am on my 5th set of trays. I am 50 and have three crowns on back molars. On the third set of trays one of the molars abcessed requiring extraction. After two weeks of recovery, I had to restart the process. Evidently this could have been averted had better xrays of back teeth been obtained prior to treatment. I mention this as many “more mature” patients opt for invisalign and this was not discussed as a potential problem when I was making my decision to use Invisalign. (It does stand to reason that if you have a root canal that is twenty years old it may not want to be moved) Does require frrequent cleaning, which you should be practicing already. It has cut down on the snacking, too much trouble to clean, so that is a plus. When time to change trays, I start at night with a dose of Advil on board and it seems to make the transition to the new tray easier. Overall, I am pleased with the Invisalign and am pleased with the changes I see.

  12. Daniel Says:

    One day after using invisalign my throat started hurting and the next day it seemed like all my tastbuds tripled in size. It felt like my tongue had a hundred tiny paper cuts. I took the tray out for two days and the symptoms went away. I think that having plastic in my mouth can’t be all that healthy, especially with what is coming out about the dangers of plastic leaching into drinks from supposedly safe bottles. I am 30 so I didn’t want braces and my dentist really pushed the invisalign but looking back I would have done braces in the back of my teeth.

  13. vegangirl Says:

    Thanks for sharing Legacy Leader. I had a problem recently after getting a crown replaced. My retainer tray no longer fit over my teeth at all. My dentist tried adjusting it a few times but it never fit. I had to find a new orthodontist (because I’ve moved across the country) and get a new one made. I wish I had known this in advance – I would have set up an appointment ahead of time. As it was, I went almost 3 weeks with a retainer that fit poorly.

    Daniel, I did not have this problem but have seen frequent references to it from others who have had invisalign. Sounds like an allergy. I’m sure you’re right that having plastic in your mouth is probably at least somewhat toxic to everyone, but some people respond noticeably to it. On the other hand, the plastic used for invisalign is much higher quality than what they use for drink bottles and food containers.

  14. Cindy Says:

    I am on my third week of treatment and just switched to my second tray last night. When I placed my second tray in the edges on the inside of the trays in the back of my mouth were cutting me. This didn’t happen with my first tray. Anyway, I molded the pieces myself and they seem to be fine now. I did not experience any pain or migraines with the switch last night.

    I love the fact that I can take them out to eat. I am not a snacker or big eater to begin with so it’s not a problem for me to keep them in about 23 hours a day.

    I do have a problem with my one button. It’s longer and shaped differently then the bottom one. When my tray is out it hits my gum line and tickles me! I can’t stand it. LOL

    I have a 15 month treatment plan and I am hoping my teeth are as straight as the computer showed me. I can hardly wait to see the end result and really hope I made the right decision going with Invisalign.

  15. Tom Says:

    I started my treatment on Monday (25th Jan). I found that I had slight discomfort about 4hours after first having the attachments and aligners fitted. After that period, which lasted for around 4more hours, I didn’t really have any more pain. Once I had slept on it and got to Tuesday morning, the pain was gone and I was used to wearing the aligners. On Tuesday when I went to have my breakfast, I took the aligners out and started to eat. It felt weird at first when eating but I became used to it.
    Its now Saturday and I feel no pain what so ever. I have to have around 35 aligners on both top and bottom. I do feel slightly de-motived having to have all those aligners and take up to 17months of my life up, but I guess its worth it in the long run.

    I cannot wait for a year to pass, as by then my teeth with be straight. The extra 5months is for tightening the teeth and finishing them off.

    Just a quick question, once I finish the treatment and have the retainer in, do I have to have that in for the rest of my life, or just for a set period of time?

  16. vegangirl Says:

    Tom – I was told to wear my retainer (final aligner) every night for the rest of my life. I wish I had been told that at the beginning, but oh well. As you get older, your teeth tend to get more crowded, so if you stop wearing your retainer, your teeth will not stay straight.

    I actually still have a retainer wire that is bonded to the back of my lower teeth from when I had braces as a teenager. My orthodontist at that time (a different one) told me the same thing – that I should keep the wire for as long as I can stand it.

    However, I recently moved and had to get a new retainer made by a new orthodontist who also does invisalign after a new crown caused my old one to not fit anymore. He told me that I do NOT have to wear it every night. He said that since I’d been wearing it for 2 years now that I could try switching to once every 3 nights. He said that if I put it in and it feels tight, as though my teeth have moved, that I could wear it more frequently.

    Recently I have been trying to wear it for the 4 hours or so between when I eat dinner and when I go to bed, rather than at night. If it feels really tight, I leave it in when I sleep. It seems to be working out well.

  17. Sara Says:

    I just put my second invisalign tray of 20 in tonight – I’m excited about this process! Vegangirl, I’m wondering if you had an experience with the tray not seating all the way over your teeth initially and having to gnaw on an ‘aligner chewie’? I have a small gap between aligner and tooth at one of my front teeth with both the first and second trays. I chewed that chewie like crazy with the first tray but the gap never went away. With this second tray, when I chew the chewie, I feel the edge of the aligner digging into my gums a little bit. Maybe the gap is supposed to be there.
    Any experience with gaps? Thanks!

  18. vegangirl Says:

    Very interesting Sara. I did not have that issue and was unaware of “aligner chewies”! Makes it sound sort of fun. My trays fit quite well over my teeth except for the last couple, which were off – I think because I got sloppy during one and didn’t wear it like I was supposed to.

    Hopefully if someone reading this has had a similar experience they will share it with us.

  19. beachleach Says:

    I am on my third set. No problems. A little sore this time. My question…has anyone else started chewing on them all the time? I have a nervous twitch anyway, always have to be moving, but I find myself chewing on them constantly. Is that bad for them?

  20. Leish Says:

    Hey There,

    I am on my 3rd set of rays ( out of 30 ) and I seem to constantly notice them in my mouth! I seem to bit down on them a fair bit and rub my teeth together. It’s like I need to! LOL.. I wonder if it’s because “unconsciously” the teeth fee like they need to be in a different place through the pressure of the aligners so the we chew to help them move quicker. My first and second sets seemed to move my teeth quite quickly. i.e became loose after only a few days. It has been nearly a week with this one and it is still tight and it didn;t seem to fit as tight as the first two when I put it on. I have noticed results already.. and love it :) BUT I must say, they do annoy me a little as I am fairly aware that they are there! I hate the morning with them.. They taste yuk and the first thing I need to do is spit out the gunk. I suffer from peridontal disease and thought this may have been a problem, but it seems to improve my gums as I have to brush/flosh and mouthwash after every meal. My teeth overall look and feel so much better! I just can;t wait until the process is finished and I can finally get my three veneers and my teeth whitened :) )) ( Have been suffering with three front fillings and bucked teeth since I was 8 years old! I am now 35 years old and SOOOO excited! I do hope it turns out like the clincheck.. They looked FANTASTIC! As for traditional braces, what I have read, invisalign is for me, less pain, no teeth removed, gentler teeth moving, out to eat!!! LOVE IT!!!

  21. vegangirl Says:

    Hi Leish,

    Congratulations on getting your teeth straightened! I know I felt sooo much better after getting mine straightened. I never wanted to smile before and now I do all the time.

    I tend to bite down on my aligner (now my retainer at night) as well. Not sure what can be done about that. For some reason I feel a compulsive need to make sure it’s in all the way.

    As far as the “yuck” in your mouth, that is within your control to some extent. I am guessing that your diet is very mucus-forming. Maybe you eat a lot of processed foods or cheese or gluten? Is your tongue always covered in a white film in the morning?

    My diet is pretty clean and healthy and I still suffer from a little bit of that disgusting feeling on my tray in the morning. But it’s definitely improved over the last few years as I’ve gotten the unhealthy foods out of my diet. Mucus-forming diets can also contribute to teeth and gum problems (something else I suffered TERRIBLY from my whole life until recently).

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  23. Melissa Says:


    I’m approaching the end of my Invisalign treatment and now considering retention options.

    I’ve read about some Invisalign wearers using their final tray/aligner as their retainer. Is this something you did?

    Removable Vivera retainers (made by the makers of Invisalign) seem to be the popular choice recommended by most doctors. If wearing your last Invisalign tray as a retainer does the same job its a shame that some orthodontists advise patients to stump up an extra few hundred £$ especially as Vivera’s subscription lasts for only one year then you would need to renew to get a new set of retainers.

    Does the fixed/bonded retainer last for years? Have you encountered any problems with them?

    p.s. I too wasn’t told about the lifelong commitment for retention – I wonder why? mmm…

  24. vegangirl Says:


    I did use my final tray as my retainer for about 2 years. This was what my orthodontist recommended as far as I remember. At least, he definitely did not try to push some other option.

    I had to get a new retainer made when I got a crown replaced and my final tray no longer fit. I got a new retainer made by a new orthodontist (I moved across the country) and I really hate it. I can’t close my teeth properly with it in and I’m sure it’s causing jaw problems, headaches, and everything else. The orthodontist told me that was normal, but I think he just is a lousy orthodontist. I should really go somewhere else and fork out another $250 to get a new one but I haven’t gotten it together to go and do it.

    I have had a bonded retainer wire on my bottom teeth for over 20 years and I am soooo glad. My bottom teeth have remained perfectly straight and I’ve had no problems with it, other than a slight hassle with flossing. I haven’t ever heard of getting a retainer wire on the top teeth, but maybe they do that.

    My dentist told me that many women have allergy problems with metal in the mouth. Specifically with nickel or with having multiple pieces of metal. He takes a holistic approach to dentistry that most others don’t, which I appreciate but not everyone will. I followed his advice and did not ask my orthodontist about getting second retainer wire for my top teeth.

  25. Invisalign London Says:

    have performed invisalign procedure on many clients the aesthetic qualities are certainly much better than traditional braces.

  26. Invisalign Braces Pictures Says:

    Hi there,

    I have written a full account of my Invisalign experience. I am currently in the middle of treatment and actually have 88 lower aligners in total!!! Can you believe it. I think perhaps this is an all time record!

    Glad to see that you are thrilled with your final outcome. I am actually already thrilled with my teeth and I still have a long way to go.

    great blog :)

  27. cara Says:

    I am nearing the end of what must be my 10th order treatment of invisalign. Treatment was supposed to take 9 months for a relatively simple problem and it has been 3 1/2 years now. Because the treatment isn’t in-house they can improve your teeth but they won’t be perfect and infact the teeth I had that were straight invisalign moved them so they were crooked or had gaps inbetween them and then they in return had to be fixed. its been a long frustrating process. Most of my bottom front teeth have small spaces inbetween them now which is frustrating because I wonder why they had to shave them in the first place. Very disappointed with the result. If I had my time over again I’d wear the traditional braces on my lower teeth and leave the top alone. My top teeth had on rotated tooth in the back so thats why they put invisalign on, turns out invisalign cant fix rotated teeth anyway and then invisalign made my front teeth crooked. it took over 2 1/2 years to sort the top out. Bottom line is they can only do so much with invisalign, get the traditional braces and it will take less time in the long wrong and save yourself a lot of unhappiness.

  28. sarahsmom Says:

    Just started invisalign last week. Had braces 30 years ago and my teeth started to shift, especially the lowers. I work for a dentist and decided to try the invisalign. The trays seem to fit well with the attachments, however, within hours my tongue and mouth became really irritated. In the following 5 days we have smoothed and adjusted the retainers but my mouth continues to get blisters, and painful areas. After a week of trying the #1 we went to #2 to see if that retainer was better. Same problem. Now the Dr. and ivisalign is wondering if I am allergic. Seems very strange as I have worn retainers, nightguards, bleaching trays , ect. through the years. Also the pain seems to be associated with rough areas on the trays. After reading some of the blogs I am wondering if it could be more. Last night I couldnt stand it and took out the retainers. This morning my whole mouth and throat is sore. Not sure what all this means…

  29. vegangirl Says:

    Hi Sarah’s Mom,

    Sure does sound like an allergy to me. And a severe one at that. I wonder if it is possible to get most of your money back fro the Invisalign and switch to traditional braces.

  30. Danielle Says:

    Hi vegan girl
    Quick question : I finished my treatment about a year ago . At the beginning , I wore the retainer every night . However I started slacking off here and there … Using the retainer every three days or so . Once I put the retainer back in , it is snug … But it moves the teeth back into position . My front tooth was always the problem … And I notice it moves out a mm every day

  31. Danielle Says:

    Anyway , I am wondering if this is just the case with invisaign… Or should I see the Ortho for a follow -up ? What has your experience been like ?

  32. Rodney Says:

    Thank you for posting this blog. I have had my invisalign for over a year. I am amazed at how well they work. I would like to add a positive experience. I think a very important part is choosing the right dentist. I also have done a lot of research on how others care for their trays and have found some tricks that can help. If you are lazy, these trays aren’t for you. It takes a little work. Taking the trays out to eat and cleaning the teeth after every meal is a must. I have also found that by using denture cleaner to clean the trays a few evenings a week they stay clean the full 2 weeks and are less noticeable. Another trick I’ve learned is keeping the trays in water while they are out. This keeps the film inside the trays from dying and makes the easier to clean. I’ve just put in the last tray on the bottom, but I still have 5 months left on the top trays. My dentist explained I would have to wear the retainer every night for a year while the bone hardens where the teeth moved. I also know people who have had a permanent retainer. It’s llike a metal wire that is attached to the back of the teeth. It was explained to me that food could be trapped there so I’m going to continue with the tray retainer. I will check back in here later to let you know if I change my attitude. One concern I did have and the reason I found this page was :
    The sanding of the teeth to make room for movement. Does the removal of the enamel increase the risk of later tooth decay. I plan to ask my dentist next time I’m in. Maybe you guys have some experience with this.

  33. Invisalign Newton Says:

    This is a nice summary of the pitfalls of Invisalign, but in fairness it should be pointed out that afew of them are not *particular* to Invisalign:

    -”Although it is easier to brush and floss, any bacteria not removed from your teeth and gums will spend 20 hours a day locked inside the Invisalign tray.” Well, the alternative is worse: if one fails to floss while using traditional braces, food and bacteria could stay there for *weeks*, not just 20 hours.

    -”The treatment process for many people includes “shaving” your teeth down to create more space in your mouth for the teeth to move.” This is not that common.

    -”At the end of your treatment your teeth may not be perfectly straight.” True, but this is more a problem of poor treatment planning (along with low standards of Invisalign certification) than with the technology itself. In fact, the technology allows one to visualize the predicted path of alignment, and mid-course corrections are possible as well, though time consuming.

    -”Once the treatment phase is over, and you enter into the retainer period, you have to wear the Invisalign tray every night, indefinitely.” No, one doesn’t. One can wear a non-Invisalign retainer as an alternative. And in any case, whether the orthodontic treatment is Invisalign or traditional, retainers are quite inescapable – so, is this a problem in Invisalign particularly? I don’t think so.

    I don’t mean to be bashful, but several of the problems transcend Invisalign, and are actually worse with traditional orthodontics.

    At least, that’s how I see your list. But it is valuable that you did publish it, as it allows each candidate for Invisalign to decide for him/herself whether any of these items would apply (such as frequent snacking). Cheers.

  34. Dana Says:

    Hello, thanks for starting this blog- it’s really nice to be able to read other people’s experiences with Invisalign. I am on tray 5 so I have been wearing them for 10 weeks I guess. The only problem I have had so far is a small gap between two back molars and the tray on the bottom right. Someone else mentioned this and said that the tray was irritating their tongue/gums so I just wanted to say in case anyone else had this that I just picked up some orthodontic wax from the drugstore and put it on the edge that was sticking out. Solved the problem!

    I also had to have a little shaving done on two bottom teeth which I didn’t understand because it just created a space between two already straight teeth. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if they move back together. Anyway, so far so good!

  35. susan Says:

    love this blog…i am on 12 months of invisalign and do not like he idea of plastic in the mouth with health issues of plastics esp. since they are made either in mexico or ?.
    i am in my 60′s have good teeth and just deue to normal crowding of lowers with age, i opted for not want the enamel shaved and prefer traditional retainer soon..also dentist leaves it 90% up to assistants to do apts …don’t like…..make sure you go to a full fledged ortho not a dentist for these as they just do not provide adequate answers in my opinion and not as experienced with invisalign as orthos
    just prob tood a buzz course…expensive but so far so good otherwise….

  36. Nikki Says:

    invisalign problems

    First I’m very athletic, active, and healthy. I have invisalign and have had problems for 2 years. I started coughing stuff out of my lungs. At first the stuff was clear then it turning to green then really got dark dark green this year. I’ve got sinus problems. My skin started feeling dry and my scalp itched. Then my hair started to thin. Everything started changing very slowly. I didn’t know what to think. My doctor started running tests on me but nothing showed up. I even had a sputum test too. I notice that every time I started a new tray of invisaligns that my health got a little worse. So I started using toothpaste on the new invisaligns. Next I had ulcers show up just 30 days ago then at night I can’t sleep because I have to cough up stuff. Next I’m getting bad head aches, my joints start hurting and I’m tired and no energy. Out of desperation I took the invisaligns out for a few days. My skin and scalp were the first to feel relief which has been a problem for 2 years. I stopped coughing as much too. I feel really great. My joints started getting better. Then I started using the invisiligns for a few hours then would skip a day wearing them. So I thought okay lets try wearing them 24 hours 7 days a week again. I’m on my last trays and they are new. First thing I start to cough more again. My skin is burning and tight. My head, neck, shoulder, back, and leg hurts. I can’t sleep. I was only supposed to have them for 18 months but the dentist changed it to two years. Plus I found out that I would have to use a retainer at night the rest of my life. This is a nightmare.

  37. Starla Says:

    On first tray of liners. I am experiencing very dry mouth. My tongue is turning gray in a U-shaped pattern. I can taste a slight but constant bitter taste on my tongue that has not gone away for 1 week. My throat is slightly red. Main issue is massive dryness of mouth, and when I eat, food does not taste the same. Has odd taste.

  38. C Says:

    Invisalign is a horrible product. The side effects are not explained. I have had a sore throat for 18 months. The treatment was supposed to take 8 months. It has not corrected my teeth. Wish I had done metal braces. I would like my money back and am looking for a lawyer to to assisst.

  39. Glastonbury Dentist Says:

    I find invisalign a very effective treatment and very much suitable and comfortable to most people’s lifestyle. Thus it is highly recommended by most dentists!

  40. Sheri Says:

    Of course Invisalign is recommended by dentists…it allows them to practice orthodontia without having to go to school to learn how to do it properly! I have read many horror stories on various websites and message boards for people seeking orthodontia about bad Invisalign results from their dentists. For that reason, I chose to go to an ortho, but I still regret my decision. Supposedly, mine was an easy case, but now that I am “done” my smile looks way worse than before. I have black triangles between several of my upper teeth. My bite also still feels uneven. If I could go back, I would definitely have chosen regular braces as I believe it would have allowed my ortho to fine tune my situation. Plus, it would have been cheaper! Bottom line, I think Invisalign is dangerous.

  41. Sarah Says:

    Invisalign is really a good choice because its comfortable and has a fast effect. I have had my invisaligners at Glastonbury Dentist and I find their services very satisfying. Based on my experience its never dangerous.

  42. Chauncy Says:

    Sheri, I did some digging on the net for an Invisalign Dentist and found a pretty comprehensive page on her site. I have now decided to get lumineers to cover up the unsatisfactory portions of my smile when I am close to completing my treatment. You may want to look into the same?

  43. invisalign pittsburgh Says:

    I’m surprised to see you say you’d choose metal brackets in your first couple comments, especially since you experienced it. When I had metal brackets the aching teeth and gums, scratched gums, and messing around with rubber bands and all that stuff was such a hassle to me compared to the trays. Just my opinion though!

  44. justin Says:

    You’re blog has been really helpful to me. The only problem that I’ve had is one of the trays irritating one of my canine teeth on my bottom row. Aside from that the pressure was alot at first but soon subsides after about 3 days having a new tray. Thanks for all your info on all different sides of information with invisalign. I’m on tray 2, wish me luck!

  45. Invisalign allergy | Zubufood Says:

    [...] » Blog » The downside of Invisalign »Oct 27, 2007 … Although not scientifically studied, some people have complained about allergic reactions to the plastic used in the Invisalign trays. Allergy … [...]

  46. Megan Says:

    Hey there, I know its been a while since you had Invisalign, I would love it if you would write a review in the Invisalign community on RealSelf and let us know how it held up for you in the long run.

    Hope all is going great for you!!

  47. Walnut Creek Invisalign Dentists Says:

    The drill was a lot more present to use, because you don’t really feel what is going on, just hear it. Where as the shaving strip was weird, you could hear it and feel the edges of your teeth coming away. Because of how crowded my mouth was he had to use the strips then drill the rest.

  48. judyth Says:

    I have been wearing my retainer for a few years and I am so tired of wearing it. When I first got Invisalign I did not know I would have to wear it FOREVER! No one told me. Dentist made is sound like it was a simple process. Not so!If I skip wearing it for even a day my teeth begin to shift. I wonder when I am older and in a Nursing Home if they will put my Invisalign retainer in my mouth?????? However, I am happy with my straight teeth but not sure I would ever do this again.

  49. Amy in Atlanta Says:

    Ok, I just started with tray # 1 and here the issues I have encountered. So far 3 of the 11 extenders (or buttons as some refer to them) have broken off. The ones that have tended to come off, are the ones that were attached to crowns. I have had to go back to my orthodontist to get them re-glued. Last night as I was removing the trays, one of my crowns came off with the tray! I find removing the trays the most difficult, as they are very tightly attached over the buttons. My mouth is very sore, my tongue is raw in spots, and I seem to have a compulsion to continue running my tongue over the sharp areas of the trays. I also have the sensation of only being able to bite down on the right side. It seems that the right back molars are hitting together, but the left are not quite aligning. I’m hoping for things to improve as it’s only been 4 days. Man, what did I get myself into?????

  50. Karlene Says:

    Anyone out there surprised by what the “buttons” are like?

    Just started third tray and thinking I want out. Not sure how to begin. I wasn’t asked to sign any sort of agreement. Anyone know if it ‘s normal for there to be no “please sign here?”

  51. Invisalign Walnut Creek CA Says:

    Invisalign braces are virtually invisible as they are constructed from clear plastic. There are no metal parts, which means that you can smile confidently throughout the entire teeth straightening process. Invisalign braces are also removable so you can take out the brace whenever you want to eat or drink, or brush your teeth.

  52. Amy in Atlanta Says:

    Ok, Invisalign update. Things are much improved now that I am on the 2nd set of trays. Glad I stuck with it, because there was a short time back there that I thought I would try to get out of it. As most things, I’ve gotten adjusted to the ‘weird’ feeling of always having something in your mouth. No one has noticed at all, unless I tell them. That’s the best part. The little ‘buttons’ continue to fall off (the crowns) and i continue to go back in to have them re-glued. It does not seem to make much of a difference whether they stay glued or not. So… hang in there, it does get easier.

  53. Invisalign Walnut Creek Says:

    If you are facing any kind of dental issues, take a visit at Dr. Darvish will suggest you best ever consultations by discussing to treat your particular issue and invislaign. For more detail please visit us at

  54. Amy from Atlanta Says:

    Hello again. Another update. I am now on tray 7, just a little over halfway completed with the Invisalign Express. Things are really working well now. I’ve completely gotten adjusted to them, and my teeth are well on the move to a better location! My bite is changing and my spaces are closing. I’m hoping at the end I will be glad I went through all of this. Still NOBODY EVER NOTICES I have them on. That’s the best part. I’ll check back in when I’m nearing the end. Invisalign express is for mild to moderate adjusting of teeth. Takes about 5-6 months to complete.

  55. Lara in UK Says:

    Hi, I am on aligners 10 of 28 and have started to notice that my attachments (cement) on 3 top teeth are not clipping securely into the pockets on the aligners.

    Every 2 weeks they seem to be getting worse and I have 2-3mm of clear plastic visible at the bottom of 2 of my top teeth. Not so ‘invisible’! The dentist is going to make new moulds next week and send to Invisalign for a new set of braces hopefully. Has anyone else had this issue?

  56. Miss j Says:

    1st set irritated my gums however that was little cuts from the sharp points and edges in the plastic, these can be filed or smoothed down with nail file and doesnt affect the tray at all. Doing that made a biiiiiiig difference. And your dentist can do it for you if you are scared of damaging them. however its seems mouth is getting use to them now. I had the attachments put on today and now have started my 2nd set. Breathe was shocking at first especially in the morning. Even if i brushed and flossed regularly. I am a smoker which doesnt help. Wat did help was brushing the aligners with tooth paste, or giving them a quick soak in vinigar while they are out for eating, and before bed and after my last smoke, giving aligners and teeth one last quick clean. If i was to smoke after they are put bak in, then the smoke or drink anything and go to be without cleaning first = shocking breath in the morning. Now i am all under control . Even picked up a mini ultrasonic cleaner today from dentist for $150, maybe i will use that every second day, vinigar twice a day and brushing aligners twice a day. Dont put them down anywhere besides in a clean tray or a vinigar solution when they are out while you are eating… Could transfer some nasty getms into your mouth. Always make sure you have clean hands before taking out and putting bak in or again bad germs in your mouth….. Not obeying these rules could be reasons why peple getting nasea and sore throats then blaming it on alergic reaction. With invisaline its paramount that your hygeine is 10000%

  57. Lisey Says:

    I just got invisalign yesterday b/c I play French horn and braces would majorly affect my playing, whereas Invisalign has a more minor impact. My teeth didn’t really hurt yesterday, they were just uncomfortable. When I got up this morning, my teeth DID hurt. I just took the trays off and I’m afraid of eating anything relatively hard for breakfast.

  58. Debbie Says:

    To Laura in UK:
    Hi, I am on aligners 10 of 28 and have started to notice that my attachments (cement) on 3 top teeth are not clipping securely into the pockets on the aligners.

    Every 2 weeks they seem to be getting worse and I have 2-3mm of clear plastic visible at the bottom of 2 of my top teeth. Not so ‘invisible’! The dentist is going to make new moulds next week and send to Invisalign for a new set of braces hopefully. Has anyone else had this issue?

    Yes, I did too. I waited too long though before seeing my Dentist. My trays started fitting poorly and got worse. He had to do new impressions. It has been almost 3 mos. since this happened and I now wear the trays only at night, just as if I were done with the process. When I get the new trays, I will start up again. I am concerned that my dentist said I will need to have about 5 teeth shaved, not all at once, but as the process continues. My original trays were to have been a total of 20…I now am starting over, basically, and will need 14 more (after already doing 15). Anyway, I am worried about the shaving. I see there are some comments regarding this, but I am afraid of damage to my teeth, or that my teeth will look strange.

  59. Stephanies07 Says:

    I have read so many horror stories about Invisalign. Please remember that just reading comments from a message board does not take the place of doing actual research of your ortho. You need to be able to talk to them and feel comfortable about the decision you are making.
    I am currently on tray 2 of 19 and when I went to my consultation my ortho told me flat out I would be better off with wire braces to correct my bite. However I went in with the intention of getting Invisalign.. so thats what I got. So far the experience is everything everyone said it would be: sore teeth, headaches, some nausea and dry mouth. That being said I am happy with my decision to go this route. I also wear rubber bands to help align the bite although my ortho said it wouldn’t be 100% I’m ok with that. In response to Karlene about signing something. I did sign a contract with my ortho office but that may vary with different orthos so please please do your research (on Dr.’s). Hopefully I can update with progress in the next couple of month.

    Good Luck everyone!!

  60. Bharat Ram Says:

    Thanks for a very well balanced write-up on Invisalign. All comments have also added immensely to my understanding of this technique.

  61. Debbie Says:

    Just an update to my posting on July 7, 2012.

    I go in tomorrow for my new trays. I currently have 3 posts on my teeth but was informed by my dentist that they will remove those and attach some new ones, since they are basically starting over.
    It’s been nice wearing my trays only at night, just as if I were completely done! I will now have to have the top tray in all day,again, for approx. 5-6 mos. I might abandon the program if they want to start “shaving” my teeth as I mentioned before.
    If I do quit, I am content with the result so far. I would like my teeth a little straighter, but if it means not having to shave the teeth, I just might quit the program early and be done with it. I’ll take it one step at a time and will decide later what to do. After all, they’re my teeth, right?!

    I have no regrets….I would do it again.

  62. josey Says:

    I am on my 10th alignment and recently had to have the alignment cut away to put some elastic bands over my 2 front teeth, has anyone heared of this before my dentist said that sometimes certain teeth can fall behind with the treatment and that you have to wear elastics on the teeth untill the end if this is the case!. My freinds keep saying to me that my teeth look like I have some kind of desease and that they look really yellow.. I have been pleased with the movement of the front tooth which was slightly turned.. but I do worry about the colour and health of my teeth with this treatment. Also im not happy that i have to wear the retainer for life when I thought that the metal bar placed behind the teeth should of been enough to keep them in place.

    I had metal braces 18 years ago and they worked beautifully but about 2 years ago my front tooth started to move again maybe because I didnt wear the retainer but my dentist said it wouldnt of taken all this time to move… They didnt put a metal bar behind the teeth then I dont think that was available then!.

    Has anyone else experienced this with the bands and the discolouring of the teeth and do they return back to normal when the brackets are removed???

    Many thanks

  63. Debbie Says:

    No, I am not using the bands. As for the metal behind your teeth, I am not familiar with that either. I know someone, though, who has one and she wears it all the time now.
    I have regular invisalign and expect to wear the “retainer” every night, when I’m done. I don’t mind though, because I grind my teeth at night and it will serve double-purpose as a mouth guard. I hope someone else can answer your questions about the bands,etc.
    And, remember, as I mentioned in my posting on July 26th, it’s my (your) teeth and you have the final say. I would advise you to question your dentist and stop treatment any time, if that’s what you decide. There is no rule that says we have to complete the whole entire process.

  64. vegangirl Says:


    About the metal retainer bar that orthodontists attach behind the teeth….

    I have one from when I had braces as a kid. But it’s only on the bottom teeth. As far as I know, they don’t put the metal bars on the top teeth. The one I have on the bottom has been in for about 20 years and my bottom teeth have stayed perfectly straight all these years. They are harder to clean though. My orthodontist at the time told me to keep it on for as long as I can stand it because my teeth would get crooked again without it.

    For top teeth, I don’t think they use these, but I really couldn’t say why.

  65. Ann Says:

    I am on tray 4 of 30. Seems like I have had them already forever. Many of the same as others: some sores, tightness, cautious when eating at first and getting better as I get use to them. But I get horrible dry mouth. So about 5 times a day after eating, I brush, floss, gargle with mouthwash, and brush the aligners. Love the clean teeth I have now. Lots of work so hope they will eventually straighten the teeth.

    I was disappointed that the visit where I decided to go with Invisaligne and wrote the check said that it would take about 6-9 months and there may be a few buttons put on. Well when the aligners showed up I then found out that it was 30 trays and 14 buttons, 9 of them right in front. That’s 14 months. Quite a surprise.

    I felt I only wanted my two front teeth moved a little so 14 months and 14 buttons was so disappointing. Next visit to dentist I asked if there was a plan B. Luckily he said sure and that I wouldn’t have to have those buttons which I call the ‘coral’ option. He told me that he is a little liberal when applying buttons. So I’m going with the no coral (buttons). May be a mistake and my teeth won’t move but the dentist thought it would still work. We’ll see.

    I’m also not going to have him shave any teeth. I don’t dislike my teeth that much and I don’t like monkey with them too much.

    btw…I don’t notice people’s crooked teeth UNTIL they tell me they have crooked teeth.

  66. Debbie Says:

    I agree. I am not going to have my teeth shaved either. I have always had an overbite, but my teeth weren’t very crooked when I was younger. Now that I’m 54, my teeth have shifted from age, use, and probably from having my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 19.
    I also agree that we are critcal of ourselves. I kinda like my teeth not so perfect. I just want to get them back to where they were when I was younger.
    My orthodontist mentioned, in addition to shaving my teeth in between, to filing them down in front to “make them even”. why would I want perfectly even teeth? I think it looks very fake.
    I have 4 buttons, 3 on top and 1 on the bottom. I was to have another on the bottom, but it wouldn’t stick to my crown.
    My bottom teeth are done now and I like the result.

  67. Sisi Says:

    These reasons seem very insignificant on not choosing Invisalign instead of traditional braces. I’ve gone 24-48hrs w/o wearin my trays and gone back to wearing it perfectly fine…ofcourse I felt the initial pressure for a few hours.
    Brushing and flossing regularly prevents plaque build up and has helped me on how to be more hygenic with my teeth. Morning odor it’s easily fixed by brushing your teeth as soon as you wake up :)
    Sorry but I just don’t see a downside to wearing Invisalign. I just wish I would’ve done it sooner. It gives you the option to taking the trays out for special ocassions as oppose to the metal braces.

  68. Kieferorthopäde Says:

    You bring up some valid points, especially the retainer was something I had to get used to and still have to deal with to this day. However I was very happy with the result I’d gotten and I couldn’t have done it with traditional braces as my job would not have allowed it. In that sense Invisalign really was a blessing and I am happy that it’s offered in berlin and not just the states.

  69. Michael Dominic Says:


    I’m on my first set of trays. My wife has been doing it for a year. It’s a small hassle, but I think if you are vigilant and floss and brush after every meal, as well as drink enough water most of the problems can be avoided.

    Also, don’t you think that they are easier that traditional braces? Those are so hard to clean and you can’t eat certain foods.

  70. Marissa Says:


    I have had my first set of trays for 3 days now. My teeth are a little sore but doing well. However, my tongue and the insides of of cheeks where the aligners meet the gums are raw. The ortho even filed them down so they would not rub. Any suggestions on how to make my mouth feel better?

  71. K.A. Says:

    Interesting post and comments. Thank you for it. I’m about to start aligner set 5 out of 15 and have been a little disappointed in Invisalign. I can manage to wear the trays the recommended hours per day and keep them clean and odor-free by brushing and rinsing after eating anything, but they make me quite self-conscious. I do not find them to be invisible, or even close to that, especially because I had many attachments put on. I didn’t know about them ahead of time, and I think they make the process look as visible as clear braces would be. I only needed to fix what I thought was minor crowding, especially involving two upper teeth, and it became a whole bigger deal with upper and lower trays, attachment, and tooth shaving (IPR). Because it is so expensive, I feel like I need to finish the process. I think the method gets marketed with a lot of hype and that I expected it would really be virtually invisible.

  72. Bobby Researching Braces Says:

    Thank you for your honesty! A lot of people only talk about the positive results and I found it really interesting to read about how it truly is. Thanks for sharing :)

  73. jb Says:

    My son has Invisalighn and it makes you lips stick out a bit more because of the trays. He has been in treatment for 1 year and has devolped a brown freckle/mole on his lower lip and his top lip is greyish from lack of moisture. He’s been referred to a dermatologist. I’ll keep you updated. I DON’T RECOMMEND INVISALIGN and I work in the dental field!!!

  74. RS Says:

    I am on tray 6 of 41 for both top and bottom teeth; I am going to an orthodontist with 25+ years of experience who uses both traditional and invisalign, so I thought I was getting quality care. When I went to my dental hygienist at the general dentist she commented that my 2 lower front teeth seemed loose and I should see my orthodontist. So I made an appointment right away and was very upset to hear he was not able to do anything and said Go to a periodontist to discuss treatment as it is due to bone loss. He said don’t wear the bottom trays for one month and then come back after you see the periodontal surgeon.
    I am quite upset as when I went in for the initial consult I asked about bone loss and whether that was a problem – he told me I was a good candidate for invisalign. Despite the years of practice I think he probably says that to all potential patients to increase his income.
    I’m not going in for periodontal surgery, and now just looking at straitening the top only. I may end up losing the 2 teeth that are loose and then have to get a bridge. Has anyone heard of this? Invisalign causing teeth to come loose and creating new dental problems or aggravating a weak area that didn’t exist before? Not the trade off I anticipated , especially after the high cost and huge hassle and inconvenience of cleaning, taking the trays in and out, etc that everyone has described on this blog.

  75. Tara Says:

    oh wow – some very interesting stories here. Thank you all for sharing your experiences!

  76. Jim Frost Says:

    It’s been interesting reading a lot of the stories. I’ve just started the therapy, and while my dentist was good at telling me what to expect in general (I knew pretty near all of the points discussed above) there were some minor issues.

    My tongue got kind of raw because I keep playing with the edge of the tray. It stopped hurting within a few days, however; maybe the tray edge wore down, maybe the tongue developed callouses, we’ll see as I go through more trays. For awhile there I was wondering if I was going to have a sore tongue for a year.

    It *feels* like I have fat lips because of the added bulk of the plastic and especially the attachments. I hope that feeling eventually goes away.

    I didn’t expect to have to brush my teeth anywhere near this much. On the one hand, I’ll have really good dental hygiene habits when I’m through with this. On the other, it is not always convenient to do that when I’m not at home … but getting food trapped under the trays can really suck.

    Along those lines, do not eat popcorn. Holy %#$&! does it hurt if a kernel shell gets stuck under the tray.

    An added bonus is that it’s annoying enough to take the trays out, eat, clean my teeth and trays, and put them back in that I’m not snacking at all. I bet I lose some weight. :-)

  77. Ut Says:

    Hey,I am 21 yrs old and I’ve already had braces like twice.The second time i had braces, i was given a retainer which I used until my wisdom teeth started showing up a year ago. Its been 1.5 yrs since i stopped putting on my retainer and now i see that my front teeth have developed a gap between them.I simply do not want to get braces for the third time!!!!:(.
    Invisalign a better option?

  78. Tama Says:

    Hi, I am 50 years old and started invisalign a little over a week, still on tray 1 of supposed to be 12-13 trays. I also had braces when I was young for 4yrs. I am hoping to get used to these as I can’t seem to talk correctly with them in. I have 13 knobs or attachments which I didn’t know I would have, they make eating very uncomfortable. After reading all the reviews I hope that I will be done with them after my 13 trays. On the plus side I am loosing weight and brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day.

  79. Tess Says:

    Hi there, I’m 50 and have been wearing Invisalign for 18 months now. Agree with many of the comments. The attachments (I call them shark fins) make them far from invisible and I wasn’t told I would have to wear retainers overnight permanently until very recently. Besides that, all has been OK. However I have developed very deep lines on my upper lip over the same time period. I have been to two beauticians and they both say they do not think it is ageing as I have no other signs of ageing on my face. Wondering if the timing is too much of a coincidence? Has anyone else had the same problem?

  80. Donna B Says:

    Hi all. I am a new 60 female with periodontal disease but excellent teeth. Periodontal believed to have kicked in after breast cancer treatments. I completed my tray sequences with
    Minimal bother eg flossing brushing bad breath frequently. With the final tray I was told to wear only at night and could skip some nights if worked out. It was working out fine until I skipped too many nights too many trays and finally could could not get in the trays. I began, wo consultation, using trays beginning at #7 for short periods then landed on set #9 very painful but forced in. Last cleaning I asked my dentist his thoughts and he was not happy mentioning possible shaving, new trays…. I didn’t sleep that night for dear of the dentist pushing in trays and shaving and I was determined neither would happen! I was back the next morning:today with a all my trays and he was surprised I had them all. He settled on set #5 and I will continue moving up the sets as in the original plan, every two weeks, next higher set. #5, a joke? None of my sets ever went in that easy; nevertheless, I am back on the horse! In an earlier post a mom mentioned her son’ slip stuck out…ladies, mine too, no wrinkles! When I am done I want a tray for that look! Enjoy your lives!!!

  81. Sarah B Says:

    In my 50′s also. I just started invisalign this week. Thanks goodness for the internet — I hadn’t heard of ortho wax. My trays started grating very painfullly on the bottom front of my mouth, so I used some ortho wax on that edge and now it’s fine.

    I also read about using an emery board, which I used to file down just the very sharp point of my attachments. My mouth had starting to bleed every time I ate. My trays still fit fine, since I was careful to only file down the very tip of the pointy part.

    After reading Donna B’s comment, I’m going to make sure not to skip any hours even if the dentist tells me it’s okay :-)

    I read a book recently about vitamin K2 helping your teeth, I just started taking vitamins k2 and D together about 3 weeks ago. I’ve noticed that I have hardly any plaque and that my teeth are less cold sensitive. I’ve heard it helps prevent cavities, so it seems worth taking. So, on tray 1 of 24 and here’s hoping for the best.

  82. Donna B Says:

    Hi all and Sarah B. Sarah, noticing a plumper lip area? I’ll check into vit k, thanks! I’m now on #6 of ten and I will continue forward. Nite wife also fits in tray for day/night use.

  83. Emma Says:

    Hi all!

    I’ve had Invisalign for nearly 7 months now and I’m on #13 out of 31 sets. Reading these comments I am rather surprised about some of the issues people have experienced. I believe I have been quite lucky in the sense that I’ve had no allergic reactions to the aligners but I have had my fair share of drawbacks.

    Firstly, no one told me the amount of pain I’d experience after putting in the first set. The morning after when I woke up I felt like crying because of the pain and I dreaded taking them out so I could eat. Luckily the pain got easier and my new sets do not hurt anywhere near as bad as the first set did. Also I did feel that my lips stuck out more when I first got them (which made me feel even more self conscious) but after a few weeks with my teeth moved back my lips went back to normal.

    Secondly, when I got the buttons I was disappointed with the fact that my aligners weren’t as invisible as before! I had 12 in total with 5 on 4 of my front top set of teeth so I find that they are easy to spot due to the spaces in my aligner. I lost one of the buttons as it was placed on a composite filling but my dentist had told me that it probably wouldn’t hold and it wouldn’t matter if it came off anyway. Unfortunately it came off while I was eating a meal so I swallowed it…

    One of the drawbacks for me is definitely having to take the aligners out and clean them at work for lunchtime. I tend to use the disabled toilet so I can have my own privacy but it tends to be used A LOT by members of staff for a certain reason (if you catch my drift) so when I am able to use the bathroom it really smells and it feels disgusting having to clean my aligners in there.

    I had braces previously during my teenage years so I have had to have my teeth filed to make space because I had teeth removed previously. I have had both the drill and the filing strips. The drill is definitely easier as I find with the strips you can feel more of what is going on and there is a horrible smell when it is filing your teeth. However there was no pain although it did feel a little uncomfortable. I haven’t had any problems with the filed teeth except for a small bit of sensitivity with one tooth but I haven’t had that for a while now…

    During my treatment I have had problems eating hard food! Things like nuts, cookies and baguettes I will not be able to eat until my treatment is complete as it hurts my teeth so bad. I have a friend who has finished her treatment and she said that it won’t hurt to eat anymore once it is over so I am looking forward to it!

    My final drawback would be the guilt you feel while you have taken them out. I find myself constantly watching the clock while I’m eating wondering if I’ve gone over the 4 hour limit!

    Even though there seems to be quite a few drawbacks I would not go back. I had a bad overbite as a child and traditional braces did not give me the result I had wanted. I am nearly half way through my Invisalign treatment and my teeth are a lot straighter than they ever were with traditional braces. I get a lot of compliments from my friends when they haven’t seen me for a while about how far they have moved back which always gives me a confidence boost!

    I did not know that I’d have to wear the aligners every night for the rest of my life until reading these comments but I believe it’ll be a lot easier than wearing them 20-22 hours a day so I doubt I’d mind that much.

    I have around 8 months left to go so I might come back here and post an update. I can’t wait to see the final result but I find myself growing increasingly impatient…

    Good luck to those of you who are going through your treatments or are about to start them!

  84. Pharmd101 Says:

    Very nice site!

  85. Sophia Williams Says:

    Invisalign can be tedious to maintain, but I think I still prefer it than metal braces because the wires in metal braces can cut your lips and the insides of your side cheeks. I’m down to my 5th week since my Invisalign provider in Chandler installed them on me, and so far I love wearing them even though they can be a hassle when eating out.

  86. Dawn Says:

    I have had several issues with Invisalign from the minor sore throats to needing two root canals. I cannot impress more upon those reading this site to be vigilant about keeping one’s teeth clean, and brushing/flossing after eating. These trays are a breeding ground for bacteria. Although my teeth are fairly straight (I had traditional braces earlier in life), my gums have receded on the bottom front, and my top retainer no longer fits due to a new crown (tooth might have to be extracted after all of this due to reoccurring infection). Although many people are happy with their results, I have to warn folks embarking on this process as I wish I had known the potential for decay, etc. Moreover, if you are pregnant as I was during treatment, I urge you to wait. Pregnant women have issues with oral health to begin with, so Invisalign truly exacerbates the decay.

  87. Lauren Reeves Says:

    My cousin works in orthodontics, and she recommended that I have a permanent retainer cemented behind my teeth after finishing my treatment. It is a sturdy wire that is not noticeable at all, but prevents any future shifting and you never have to wear a retainer. My orthodontist agreed to include it in the cost of my treatment. I highly recommend asking!

  88. Jordan Says:

    I honestly think braces would be better as I just got mine off and while I had them I barely felt them a bunch of people thought hey looked nice and aside from the tightening every 8 weeks and possible pain for 1-2 days after that it was pretty ok. Also you can still eat popcorn and stuff with braces.

  89. Melissa Says:

    I am on my last tray of 20 and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I had braces when I was younger but since I didn’t wear my retainer as I should have my teeth shifted and moved quite a bit. To be honest, I think there are pros and cons to both. The traditional braces hurt more as they would cut into my cheeks and my teeth would be sore for longer periods of time. My teeth felt sore with the new trays too but it’s not nearly as bad. I was a little disappointed when I was told I needed attachments and rubber bands while wearing invisalign but even with those added components to my treatment, invisalign wasn’t as noticeable to others. I never had issues with allergic reactions or anything else. Overall I am very pleased with the results. I was told by my orthodontist that my overbite may not be fully fixed with invisalign but I decided to go ahead and start the treatment anyway. I have an appointment on 1/27/15 and I hope to get the permanent retainer put in, however if I do get a retainer tray I wouldn’t mind wearing it only at night. This time I just have to be more diligent about wearing it faithfully. I wish I could post pictures of my progress. It really is quite remarkable how well my teeth look compared to what they looked liked before. My advice would be to do your research when deciding on an orthodontist. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the same one I went to when I was a teenager so I was familiar with his work.

  90. Sandy Says:

    Thank you all for your comments.

    I have had my consultation with an orthodontist, xrays, and scan done last week. I never had braces before but had retainers at only 6y.o. As I had an underbite. But after a year my parents got divorced so I never finished the treatment and although my teeth are fairly straight, my bottom teeth are starting to crowd and my upper left canine is longer than the rest so i have been self conscious about my smile for years.

    The orthodontist suggested Invisalign Express as the best option for my case. He expects the treatment to last around 8-9months.

    I am very excited to correct my smile and be more confident :) But I have to admit after reading so many comments I am worried that the end result may not be what i expect, i guess they will show me the Clincheck on my first visit for my first trays?

    I also have red a lot about different cleaning solutions for the trays. Some people do not recommend denture cleaners, or mouthwash, and others do. What is your suggestion? I am aware of the importance if oral hygiene and is great to be encourage to brush and floss after every meal (I usually brush after meals, but floss only once a day), but I am worries about having bad breath as many people say the trays gives you bad breath :o

    I have also checked that each dentist/orthodontist who uses invisalign has a “level” according to their experience with invisalign. (Top 1% doctor, Elite Provider, Premier provider, Preferred Provider). At least I am happy to know the orthodontist that my dentist referred me to has the category of Top 1% doctor.

    Thank you for your help! :)

  91. Eu Sei Says:

    I regret paying for this darn contraption every minute of the day! First, the darn thing is made in Mexico, so, I wonder what material they use. I have some allergic reaction to it–my gums itch, horrible–and it might be the certainly low quality material they use in the making. Then the rims run outward all around, inside and outside the darn trays, cutting the skin inside my mouth. My gums are constantly swollen, with a few small pustules. Also there are little pustules under and the sides of my tongue. Although made in Mexico, it costs a fortune, outrageous. Another problem is the excess salivation. I feel like a race horse after a race, constantly swallowing tons of saliva, disgusting. I’m on trays 7 and did not get used to the darn thing. I hate it with a passion, and don’t know how I am going to be able to finish the treatment!

  92. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey there Sandy,

    I have just started my treatment, im on my fourth tray. I have found that people that say they have experienced bad breath often occurs with people that drink anything aside from water while having their trays in and dont brush right away, or people who eat soft foods while having them in. I follow the 22 hrs in recommendation and only drink water and have no problem with bad breath. To clean the trays I was only using my tooth brush like the panphlet indicated in my box and after brushing my teeth would brush the trays with the excess that was left over. I was still having a problem keeping them super clear, as they would get foggy. Someone told me to try the denture solution. I bought a pack of pills and soak my trays while I eat dinner, I only do this during dinner time where I have the longest alotted time. Since starting the denture cleaning on my trays they look brand new. I told this to my doctor and he said that the trays looked great, so having done that was no big deal. Hope that helps!

  93. Claudia Says:

    Thank you for the post. I din’t thought that invisalign has so many downsides.

  94. Camerique Says:

    Absolutely DO NOT get Invisalign! It probably will be the worst decision of your life! I’m suffering through this nightmare and would advise anyone to stay with traditional braces. They even make almost transparent brackets now, I wish I had gone that route. These trays are a total hassle to keep clean, difficult to remove, and they start to stink after about a week, no matter how hard you try to clean them. The edges are sharp, and need to be sanded down first or your tongue will be sore. You cannot eat with them on, so you have to plan your entire day around these. Consider yourself warned!

  95. Rob Says:

    I’m so glad I found your site, thanks everyone for all the comments both pro and con for Invisalign. It is great to get some real information / experiences. I have been for the initial Invisalign consultation and the dentist has shown me the expected results on the computer. While the results look fantastic I have been on the fence about it and have been procrastinating my decision. After reading your site I have decided not to proceed. Thanks for the great information, and I wish everyone all the best with their treatments.

  96. mndsid Says:

    I just started on my seventh trays, out of 20, and I have not had nearly as many issues with it as all of you have had, I would assume I’m lucky? It could also be because I have never had braces and am only 20. The only problems I experienced was with my first set, I had major salivation and my tongue and cheeks were a bit cut up, but that stopped being an issue after about 3 days. I may have a high pain tolerance, but putting in a new set really does not hurt whatsoever. Also, no they are not completely invisible, but I feel that the invisibility has improved the further I’ve progressed through treatment. As far as cleaning goes, I am a college student so I don’t have the time or facilities to really brush multiple times per day so I rinse multiple times, but only brush twice per day, mouthwash twice per day, and floss at night as well as use a retainer cleaner on my invisalign at night while I do my hygiene stuff. Overall, a pretty darn snazzy choice, if I say so.

  97. Marita Says:

    If I had to do it over again, I would choose the traditional wires. Despite wearing each tray for longer than 2 weeks each, my teeth did not all move as expected, in the predicted time. The orthodontist shaved down a few teeth to get my bite to close, rather than making up new trays to get the last few teeth to move. Now my whole bite is off and my right jaw crackles at times. The ortho said this was “settling” of my teeth, and gave me another 6 weeks to continue wearing the top tray. I did not expect my mouth to feel this weird, where my molars do not match up, as they originally matched up in the back.
    I don’t trust Invisilign trays to work well as retainers, and will get the traditional retainers. I had traditional braces when I was younger and due to stressful circumstnces, my teeth shifter later in life.

  98. Elizabeth Says:

    Unlike anyone here, I was 65 when I got Invisalign and did 44 trays. I did them because my dentist said my bite was off and I needed them to correct that since my bottom teeth would chew into my upper gums and destroy them. Why she just finds that out at my age, I question. I don’t think my teeth could have shifted that much. They were always straight, now they’re just closer together and harder to clean. I changed dentists. The whole Invisalign experience was disgusting. I agree with everyone who has commented that putting plastic over your teeth that much can’t be healthy.

  99. Jenny Says:

    I finished my invisilgn treatment of 17 trays in November. It was an uncomfortable experience and I was really looking forward to being done. However now that I am in the retainer phase I am finding just as bothersome. It is uncomfortable when I have the retainers in and when they are out I find that I am spitting all over the place and my teeth and mouth ache!!! Has anyone else experienced this– my Dentist seems to think I will get used to everything…..

  100. jj Says:

    Absolutely horrible experience. My mouth is sore 3/4′s of the time due to sharp edges. The ortho team can file and I can file but they leave ruts, cuts and abrasions on my tongue, palate. I take them out to get relief but the buttons are so rough that they also cut or scratch my tongue. I’m sensitive to the plastic nearly 1/2 the time and have mild sensitivity where my lips rub against the appliance. If that hasn’t been bad enough, I haven’t had a decent bite in 7 months. I have given up on being able to chew salad and most food in my diet needs to be mushy. If it’s chewable, much gets swallowed unchewed. Forget about chewing through rice, pasta. Eating takes 3-4 times longer than before. I had an excellent bite prior to this process. My orthodontist just keeps telling me, “it’ll get better”. It may for 1/2 week at a time but not ever good enough to chew adequately. I have 1 upper and 1 lower edge of a molar that meet and 1 front tooth that restricts any further bite. Although this is a changing/evolving situation, I have not had more than 2 edges of 2 meeting teeth for a bite for 8 months. I was marketed simple plastic trays but ended up with buttons(VERY uncomfortable- lots of cuts on cheek and lip mucosa and tongue) and elastics. The elastics negate the effect of these being “invisible”. I’m a professional speaker and saliva slushes out the top of my front teeth due to an indentation placed horizontally above the upper front two teeth. My speech is mildly distorted most of the time when I have them in and I need to remove them when making phone calls. Very impressive when in professional meetings or during a performance.
    Now let’s talk about convenience. I eat my breakfast when commuting and snack on my way home- out come the invisaligns and then I attempt to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth before returning them to my mouth. Forget about enjoying a restaurant experience. If you have a partner that wishes to prechew your food and spit it in your mouth like a mama bird then you’re all set but you’ll still end up with tons of food stuck on your buttons so you look like you have grooming issues. Don’t even try to speak mid meal, your teeth will be so covered with food debris that your friends across the table will be ducking. My buttons are placed so tightly that I can barely get floss between them.
    I expected that with every tray change there would be some discomfort and tightness but who would expect that they would alter eating so substantially, that food would stick on buttons(that were never predicted in the marketing appointment) nor that my tongue, palate, lips would be sore constantly.
    Do I regret this very expensive solution? You bet I do. In retrospect, I would have opted to have an upper retainer to prohibit further movement of 1 tooth and lower standard braces for the crooked movement that had taken place. Standard ortho was so simple for my 1.5 year when I was an adolescent and the results lasted for 40 years. I will never recommend Invisaligns to anyone! I hate them!

  101. Heckash Says:

    I am on tray 37 of 38 and have found the whole experience to be easy. I had braces when I was younger, wore my retainers religiously until my ortho told me I could stop. Now 15 years later I found my teeth actively moving. Plus, my bite was all screwed up again. You couldn’t even see my bottom teeth. Traditional braces were not an option. So, I started in January of 2015. The first set was definitely uncomfortable. It’s a foreign object in your mouth and your teeth don’t settle together. I definitely wondered what I had gotten myself into. There was a bit of rubbing on the bottom of my tongue, but I took a nail file and smoothed it out. Worked like a charm. After the first few sets, my ortho put on 12 buttons. Again, no big deal. They aren’t rough or annoying at all.

    I wear them on average 21 hours a day. It’s not hard to do. Every morning I take a dedicated cleaning toothbrush and some antibacterial soap and scrub them inside and outside. After each meal I brush my teeth, rinse them off and pop them back in. Every night I floss and do it all over again the next day. You get into a rhythm and becomes second nature. Every 2 weeks, I plan on having a day or two of uncomfortable teeth and eat accordingly. Not once did I experience true pain. The results have been great.

    You will notice that your molars don’t touch. I find it difficult to eat something thin like lettuce, but you can still do it. They haven’t altered my eating habits much at all. Sure, I can’t bite into something hard and crusty like a baguette (someone mentioned that earlier). But I can break it into smaller pieces. I was hoping to lose weight, but I found my self just eating larger meals to make up for the lack of snacking.

    No one has really noticed them. The lisp went away after the first few days. Even people I know very well didn’t know I was wearing them. If you keep them clean, don’t eat or drink with them in, and stick to water, they will stay nice and clear. People who don’t care for them properly will likely notice them turning yellow and then your teeth will look dirty.

    I now know that I will have to have refinements. My teeth still need to move a bit to perfect my bite. I had my impressions done today and the new trays will come in about 5 weeks. The treatment will take much longer than I originally thought. But, I want to make sure it’s done right.

    If you aren’t committed to the process and willing to do what you are told, including wearing them 20-22 hours a day and having retainers indefinitely, don’t bother. It’ll just be a waste of money and time. I hate to hear about people who had physical reactions to the trays. I read about that before I started treatment, knew it was a possibility and chose to continue anyway. It’s rare and Invisalign changed their formula a few years back to help reduce the allergic reactions.

    Go into this with eyes wide open. It’s not a cake walk. You are moving your teeth slowly and that isn’t going to be pleasant. Make sure you go to an orthodontist who will actively monitor the process from beginning to end.

    I am glad I did Invisalign and excited to be done soon.

  102. Coleen Winton Says:

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  103. Pharmc225 Says:

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  104. Amy from Atlanta Says:

    my jaw has begun clicking. Invisalign is over and just wearing The retainers now. My teeth are straight but this jaw thing is new and I’m concerned about it. Anyone else experience it?

  105. deepika Says:

    My cousin has severely rotated teeth that is moving from normal position more than 20 degrees, is it suitable for them invisalign treatment.

  106. KIm Says:

    I’m on day 3 of Invisalign. The first few hours were fine and then in the evening I felt like I had been punched in the face. I took 400mg of Ibuprofen to help with the pain that night and into the next day. All of the facial pain is gone but I still feel tender sensation on my lower front gum line. I have a metallic taste in my mouth all day as well as mouth dryness that won’t go away with water. As soon as I take out the tray the taste starts to goes away. So I’m thinking there’s something in the plastic that my mouth doesn’t like. Anyone else have this happen? I can already feel a shift in my teeth and they are not aligning anymore when I bit down or chew when the tray is out!

  107. Laura Says:

    Due to the shifting of my teeth during the invisalign process, my root canal tooth was messed up & I ended up losing the whole tooth. I have to get a implant when i can afford it. I experience gum recession as well. The teeth look nice from the front, so that helps my confidence. I wore retainer for 2 years, irritated my gums to much so I stopped. Plus dentist said it was creating too much space between teeth.

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