What’s wrong with meat?

October 10th, 2007

If you haven’t seen video footage of how meat is made, then you have no idea of the horrors involved in factory farming. The cruelty, disease, and disgusting human activities involved in factory farming is beyond the sickest person’s imagination. The days of happy cows and pigs on a family farm is long gone. We’ve created hell on earth and filled it with innocent animal inhabitants. Please don’t wait any more to change your diet. The animals can’t afford it.

  • Meet Your Meat (video) – This is the movie to watch if you really want to know where your meat comes from. Prepare yourself for the worst violence you’ve ever seen.
  • Vegan Outreach – They focus on helping people go vegan and educating the public about the cruelty of the meat industry.
  • Factory Farming – A great site dedicated to factory farming issues.
  • Earthlings (the movie) – This movie touches on a whole lot of animal cruelty issues, but has a lot of information about various aspects of the animal food industry.
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