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Humane mouse trap

Friday, July 1st, 2011
Smart Mouse Trap

Smart Mouse Trap by Seabright

I like mice. They are adorable. But not so much when they are eating the dog’s food and leaving poop all over the kitchen. You crossed the line, mice! And my cat Simon, once a proud hunter, hasn’t done a thing to dissuade them. In fact, I recently saw a mouse scamper across the kitchen floor, right past the cat, who didn’t move a muscle.

We finally bought one of those humane mouse traps. I thought we had a mouse, as in one mouse. Instead, we caught a mouse almost every night, for 2 weeks. We’ve relocated about a dozen.

Some tips, if you are trying to use these traps. They’ve worked amazingly well, but not until we figured a couple of things out.

  • Use peanut butter. Or if you’re fancy, like us, use those little packets of Justin’s classic almond butter.
  • Make sure the door is just barely latched open. If you’re not catching any mice, check to see if the peanut butter is already gone. If so, you’ve got the door latched open to securely.
  • Get rid of whatever the mice were coming in for in the first place, or move it to the fridge or a higher cabinet.
  • Find a nice grassy area to release the mouse that is far away from your house and far away from any neighbors’ houses.

At this point, we actually stopped setting the trap for a while because it seemed like the only reason the mice had left for coming into the house at all was to get the peanut butter in the trap. We haven’t seen any disgusting mouse droppings anywhere else in the kitchen since we moved everything out of their reach.

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Yes, it’s been really hot in Asheville

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Just ask this squirrel. He’ll tell you.

Squirrel on a hot day

Squirrel on a hot day

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