Free robot massages from MIGUN

February 8th, 2008

MIGUN massage bedI love a good massage. Ever since I got into the high tech industry, I’ve had a couple of knots in my back that ache and throb after working all day. For a while I had health insurance that covered weekly massages and my company had an amazing massage therapist who visited the office regularly. She was so good that I would be dizzy after every session. My back wouldn’t ache at all for days.

The MIGUN massage bed is not as good as that massage therapist. But it is better than every other massage therapist I have ever gone to. And I’ve been to some good ones.

All across the country, MIGUN stores are popping up, offering use of their beds absolutely free. All you have to do is sit through a 30-minute orientation, one time, and you can come back every day, forever, for free. In this orientation, they will tell you all about how the bed uses far infrared light, heated jade stones, acupressure, and simulated accupuncture, to cure a multitude of ailments. Even the FDA has approved their statements that the bed can relieve a host of conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, sciatica, and back pain.

I’ve gone every day they are open (6 days a week in Asheville) for the past 3 weeks. I’ll be honest; the bed hasn’t fixed my back. In fact, my back aches right now as I’m typing this. I’m willing to give it a chance to work though. Afterall, it has taken me over 10 years of software development to build up these tense back muscles. And if nothing else, it really is one hell of a massage, especially for the price.

Robots are going to put us all out of work one day.

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5 Responses to “Free robot massages from MIGUN”

  1. Katherine/Aunt Kathie Says:

    What a great company to give you a weekly massage. Must have been in Seattle, right? I was lucky my jobs paid me a salary, forget doing anything nice for me.

    When my Publisher’s Clearinghouse check arrives, a massage bed has now been added to my list.

  2. vegangirl Says:

    They didn’t exactly give me a weekly massage. The massage therapist charged for her services, but she worked in our building which made it very convenient. Even more convenient was the fact that our insurance covered massage with a doctors prescription. Doctors will prescribe just about anything you ask for these days, so no problem there. I still had to pay a $10 copay, which is a steal for a 1-hour massage.

    Speaking of prescriptions, if you get a prescription for the MIGUN bed, you can buy it without sales tax and it counts as a medical deduction for income tax purposes.

  3. Katherine/Aunt Kathie Says:

    A $10 massage is definitely a good deal. When I left NYC 6 (yikes!) years ago, I think the cheap ones were about $80 for an hour. Can’t imagine what they must be charging now. Prescription massage sounds wonderful. Hopefully and your other creative pursuits will bring in enough money that you will soon be able to have weekly massages again. I see it happening…

  4. Jared Says:

    I am glad you had the opportunity to try MIGUN, it is a great product. I own the Ann Arbor Michigan MIGUN center. If you or anyone would like to have a MIGUN in you home or office now is the time, we are giving away several MIGUN beds in a wellness raffle odd of winning are 1 in 40. Contact me if you are interested, include your telephone number. or 877-833-5276

  5. Lucy Says:

    I went to one of these places in West Palm Beach, Fl. I went when ever I could and the two months that I did it, I felt the best I have ever felt. I am going to buy one and put it in my business. My back felt great, no pain and I felt great. I am a massage therapist and well regular use of the bed did me better than getting massage. So it may help some and not all but my main focus for me is having consistency and having a bed will have a consistent source for massaging my back. I also recommend to everyone, do what you can be consistent with. It is the key to being healthy.

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