Gregory is missing, and I am lost

January 14th, 2009


In the fall of 1995, Gregory appeared in my life one day as an apartment stray. Last Sunday, over 13 years later, he disappeared. I don’t know where he is or what happened to him.

If someone had found him, surely they would have called me. I have signs all over the neighborhood, ads in the papers and online, lost cat reports at the shelter and emergency clinic, and my number is on his collar if he hasn’t lost it. It’s been terribly cold the last few nights. If he’s trapped outside I don’t know that he’d survive. If he’s trapped inside he’d be awfully thirsty by now.

Gregory, my old friend, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you this time. If I could throw a blanket over the whole world, to keep you warm and protected, until someone found you and brought you home to me, I would.

Gregory was last seen in West Asheville near Olney Rd. and Vermont Ave. He is grey and white, 10 pounds, male, neutered.

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3 Responses to “Gregory is missing, and I am lost”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’m so sorry Gregory is missing! I hope he comes home safely. Perhaps someone took him in who does not get out much, to see the signs.

    Good luck!


  2. Carmen Says:

    aaawww, he is such a beauty!! glad he´s back! great blog btw!

  3. vegangirl Says:

    Thank you! He is beautiful and also very charming!

    For anyone who came straight to this post for any reason, please know that Gregory was found alive and well 6 days later by a very nice couple in a nearby town. Most likely the victim of being dumped by a neighbor. But he’s home now and that’s what matters.

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