Happy Birthday To Me…

April 27th, 2012
Red Tofu Curry at Plant

Red Tofu Curry at Plant

My birthday was this week. My “birthday season” is still going on. Here are a few things that have made this a fantastic birthday (and season), in no particular order:

  • A surprisingly good meal at Plant. Surprising only because I didn’t think “red tofu curry” would be a terribly interesting dish, but it was as unique and artfully designed as all of their food.
  • Chocolate truffles from The Chocolate Lounge, courtesy of a friend from work. I cannot believe I had never been there before. So good.
  • A full day of my phone buzzing from constant birthday messages on facebook.
  • I finally closed my crappy awful Wells Fargo bank account. Worst bank I have ever had, by far.
  • A very perfect bright pink cardigan sweater – a gift from my boyfriend. I have no idea when I turned into a girl who likes pink, but I seem to have a lot of it around all of a sudden. And it seems to fill me with joy – maybe because it seems so unlike me.
  • My favorite local swing band, Cry Baby, played at the Tuesday night Swing Asheville dance this week.
  • A very happy ending for many who have suffered for far too long. Laboratory chimps get a new lease on life

Happy days!

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One Response to “Happy Birthday To Me…”

  1. Aunt Kathie Says:


    Haven’t visited in an awfully long time, have I? Glad you are having a good birthday season. Chocolate truffles sound really good to me. Pink is the new color, eh? I’ll have to remember that.

    I Love You,
    Aunt Kathie

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