Invisalign – Not So Unhealthy For Gums And Teeth Afterall

August 23rd, 2009

In May 2006, I chose Invisalign for my orthodontic work because I thought it would be easier to clean my teeth and gums if I could remove my braces to brush and floss. You can read my earlier post on Inivisalign for some of the drawbacks.

I’ve been wearing my Invisalign tray, which serves as an ongoing retainer, every night since I ended my treatment in April 2007. I had planned on replacing it with a traditional retainer because I felt like I was putting a disgusting petri dish in my mouth every night, destroying my teeth and gums over time. Of course I clean it thoroughly before using it each time, but still.

Turns out, my concerns were probably unfounded. I’ve finally had enough money coming in to both afford a dentist visit and also new retainer. So I went to my (completely awesome) dentist for a checkup for the first time in 3 years, expecting to need a few fillings and a root canal or two. Seriously. I also brought my Invisilign tray along to ask him about alternative retainers.

First of all, I did not have a single cavity. And keep in mind, I have had terrible problems with cavities my whole life. My mouth is a mosaic of fillings. And my gums had all 1 and 2 measurements with that little pokey thing they use to check gum health. 1 is best, and 5 is the worst.

And secondly, Dr. Young, who is an outstanding wholistic, natural hippie type of dentist, believes that Invisalign trays are fine for healthy teeth and gums. And actually said that having multiple types of metal in your mouth can cause health issues. I already have a metal retainer wire from when I had braces as a kid. A traditional retainer also has a lot of metal. So he recommended against it.

So, in the end, I’m keeping my Invisalign retainer. At least until some other better option is invented. My mind is at ease now.

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  1. Steve Wilson Says:

    I am sad about your experience about Invisalign, its probably just a remote case but all in all The product has been receiving high quality feedback from most customers. I respect your views on the product.

    Regards from Aesthetic Orthodontics Manhattan Beach Center.

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