Keep the Granny Warriors rolling for Ron Paul

November 3rd, 2007

Granny Warriors Freedom Wagon

This weekend, I had the great pleasure of riding down to South Carolina with Linda, one of the Granny Warriors, in the “Freedom Wagon”. Upon first meeting Linda, or “Granny”, I found her to be a little intimidating. She’s a fierce lady in her 70’s, smokes like a chimney, and always speaks her mind. She also laughed at me when I asked if I needed to book a motel room. But it didn’t take long to realize that Linda is an incredibly kind and generous person, motivated only by a sincere desire to help people and to help spread the word about Ron Paul.

The Granny Warriors have taken their RV all over the country. Linda says she’s spent maybe a total of a month at home this year and only for a few days at a time. She’s also spent thousands of dollars of her own money for the road trips, materials, and even airplane fly-overs at NASCAR races. To help fund these efforts, the Grannies trade Ron Paul t-shirts, yard signs, pocket Constitutions, and other items, for donations, “whatever you think it’s worth to you.” In exchange, the people of South Carolina seemed to donate generously.

When other volunteers needed a supply of buttons or handouts, Linda was happy to share with them without a second thought. She knows everybody and everybody knows, loves, and respects her. Ron Paul even gave a shout up to the Granny Warriors during the Friday evening Rally. She has an endless supply of great ideas and boundless energy to carry them out. Throughout the trip from Asheville to Columbia and back again, she was discussing new ideas and plans for upcoming road trips.

The Granny Warrior’s RV gets a tremendous response, both driving on the highway and parked in town. The Grannies have the ability to spread Ron Paul’s freedom message to people that Ron Paul may not yet have reached. They really push the RV to its limits to support Ron Paul.

If you have already given your maximum $2300 donation to the official Ron Paul campaign, or if you are inspired by their activities, consider donating to the Granny Warriors on their website or on

And if anyone has any detox suggestions for 30 hours of second-hand smoke inhalation, please let me know.

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6 Responses to “Keep the Granny Warriors rolling for Ron Paul”

  1. Margie Says:

    Thanks for sharing your message about the Grannies. Our first support is for Ron Paul, but any help for the Grannies is help for Ron Paul. I will share your link with others to get the message out.
    Thanks again. Ron Paul for President in 2008!

  2. Scanner Scott Says:

    Hey Vegan Girl,
    Nice to meet you in SC the other night. Linda’s bark is worse then her bite. Great article. See you on the trail to Freedom.
    Scanner Scott

  3. vegangirl Says:

    Hi there Scanner Scott, It was great meeting you too! I had a great time in SC. Everyone was so energetic and positive. I definitely brought some of that back home with me to Asheville.

  4. David Says:

    Hey Vegangirl!

    Great job on what you are doing for OLFD!

    One the detox for smoking, I suggest ESSIAC Tea. It’s a great liver detox tea with some amazing benefits. Doesn’t cost a lot but you do have to make it yourself with the herbs. Two links to get you going on this amazing detox and where to get it (try the 4-Herb Generic Brand).

  5. vegangirl Says:

    Thanks for the tip, David. I will definitely check that out and give it a try!

  6. Scanner Scott Says:

    To bad the ‘ol Wagon is on Ebay. After all the NASCAR events and the drive to Boston for the Tea Party, I wish I could buy that hunk of scrap for myself.
    Keep up the ggod fight.
    Scanner Scott

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