Leading the evil GOP into the light

December 17th, 2007

Repent GOP - The end is nearIf you haven’t been a Republican for the past decade or so, there is a good chance that you regard the GOP as the root of all evil; forever on the side of corporate greed, marching the country into perpetual war based on lies, and cramming Jesus down every last heathen’s throat. But if you look at the history of the Republican Party it is supposed to stand for smaller government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. That may or may not be your idea of good government, but it certainly is not an evil point of view.

At least in the time that I’ve been old enough to vote, the Republican Party has been hijacked by big spender, big government, social conservatives. We have a party that says it is OK to borrow billions of dollars from China in order to finance the “War on Terror” but America is doomed if homosexuals get married or if cancer patients smoke a little marijuana. Not a great set of priorities. What to do?

One possibility is to flock to the Democratic Party. We can vote them into office, en masse, and they will get us out of the war and stop the tyranny of the Bush administration. Oh, wait, we did that already, and the Democrats didn’t do jack squat. They voted to renew the Patriot Act (that means you, Obama, Clinton, and Edwards), they continue to fund the war, and they won’t even discuss impeachment. OK, so now what?

Take back the Republican Party. Get involved. In many counties, the GOP is in a sorry state. They desperately need volunteers. They need precinct chairmen, they need help at the polling stations, and they need members to just show up at events and meetings. Become a delegate. If you’re a “Ron Paul Republican,” don’t feel like you aren’t welcome in the GOP. If you believe that the federal government should be fiscally conservative and limited in its authority over local governments and individuals, then you are a Republican.

Complaining about how the GOP has been hijacked doesn’t help. Just like any organization, the GOP is only as good as its active members. So get active. Go in with a genuine interest in rebuilding a strong, honest party that truly represents what the people want.

If the Republican Party is not for you, get involved with the Democratic Party. They are going down like a sinking ship too, now that they’ve proven themselves to be such a disappointment. They could use some help getting back on the right track. No matter what your political bent, I think we can all agree that it’s about time we have a choice between the greater of two goods, rather than the lesser of two evils.

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3 Responses to “Leading the evil GOP into the light”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Good advice for people to get involved. I’d add that people need to VOTE. Too many people don’t bother to vote and then wonder how their government got high-jacked.

    I do feel a need to defend the Democrats a bit. I’m terribly disappointed in their failure to stand up to the Bush administration, but they didn’t really get elected “en masse;” they are a majority in name only in the Senate, if that. Lieberman isn’t really a Democrat any more, which means the Senate is 50/50 and Cheney gets the deciding vote. That doesn’t excuse how easily they have given up the fight on too many issues, but I don’t envy them being judged for the illusion of a vast majority and power that they don’t really have.

    On a cheerier note, there is a whisper of hope on the impeachment front. Rep. Wexler, who is a member of the judiciary committee, is now looking to move ahead on impeachment. He has a website posted where you can sign on. They were looking for 50,000 signatures in the course of two days are already up to 112,115 (as I post this). http://wexlerwantshearings.com/

    This is Wexler’s post at Huffington Post for anyone interested.

    I agree with you Vegan Girl, that it would be nice to see both parties taken back by the people. Too much big money and media controlling who we vote for and not enough just plain folks.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Correction to my previous post. The count (which I KNOW said 112,115 when I looked before) is now down at 89,505. Still nothing to sniff at. Hope more people will sign on.

  3. Eric Wilds Says:

    I used to think that being a Republican was the same thing as being a Ron Paul Republican, but then came George Bush and the rest they say is history. Of course if Ron Paul does not win the nomination, then I will not vote Republican. I think that the conservative movement, which should function as a sort of conscience for the Republican Party, is totally and intractably corrupt.

    I refuse to support anyone who supported the war in Iraq, or the USA PATRIOT ACT, and sadly, that doesn’t leave me with many choices.

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