Local raw chocolate mmmmm…..

April 1st, 2012
Sinless raw chocolate

Sinless raw chocolate

I’ve been sampling some amazing vegan raw chocolates this weekend from Sinless. Vegan, raw, gluten-free chocolate, made right here in beautiful Asheville. Without even opening them up, they filled my kitchen with a strong chocolate smell. Yum.

Sinless is $8 a bar, but that’s not as expensive as it may seem. For one thing, they are good-sized chocolate bars, not skimpy. For another, they are so rich and filling that 2 segments of a bar (each bar has 10 segments) is about all I could eat at one time. Each flavor has a silky smooth consistency and a rich cacao taste. It’s neither bitter nor overly sweet. Here are the flavors I tried:

  • ultra dark raspberry – Nice. The raspberry is subtle.
  • ultra dark original – Tastes like a fudge brownie in chocolate form. This might be my favorite.
  • ultra dark crunchy nib – Or this might be my favorite. Simple chocolate flavor, love the nib crunch.
  • original peppermint – My boyfriend said it was “like a junior mint.” It is a lot like that although I think he forgets how overpowering and artificial the mint flavor in junior mints are. This chocolate is not like that aspect of it, but it does have a good mint kick to it.
  • original almond – big pieces of almond aren’t my thing, but it’s good if you like that.
  • ultra dark sea salt pecan – big pieces of pecan are better to me than almond, but it’s the sea salt flavor that makes this one extra good.

I didn’t try the ultra dark coconut flavor this weekend, but I remember trying a free sample of it at Green Life Grocery a while back and I vaguely remember it being the most delicious chocolate I have ever eaten. Although I’ve eaten so much chocolate today that I might just be in a swoon at the moment.

While Sinless might be on my mind right now, that shouldn’t take away from a couple of other amazing local chocolate companies that I’ve enjoyed.

I went through a phase of eating a couple of UliMana chocolate truffles every morning for about a month, until I realized they were causing my brain to become too unfocused to get work done. I save them for special occasions now and often give them as birthday gifts to friends.

Raw Shakti Chocolate is another definitely worth trying. Especially if you enjoy combining unusual flavors. Loco for Coco, with coconut and Hawaiian black lava salt, is a particular favorite of mine.

Yeah, 3 kick-ass raw vegan chocolate companies in one little mountain city. Life is good.

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  1. Aunt Kathie Says:

    Those all sound good. Sea salt and chocolate is an interesting idea to me. Forget mountains, music and art… chocolate alone is a good reason to settle in Asheville.

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