Operation Live Free Or Die

October 21st, 2007

You may remember Vijay, the guy on the Ron Paul Candidates@Google interview who flew in from Seattle to hand deliver a donation check to Ron Paul.

Well, Vijay is organizing a very exciting campaign to get over 1000 Ron Paul supporters to New Hampshire in the days before the primary. You can read more about it here: http://www.seattleliberty.com/FAQ.html

New Hampshire is the “Live Free Or Die” state, and holds the first presidential primary in the country (date TBD). It’s the perfect place and time to make a strong stand for Ron Paul.

So get a few friends together and carpool up there. Vijay even has some ideas for cheap lodging.

I know I’ve got a million great excuses for blowing it off. But excuses won’t save our country and our liberty. Ron Paul will!

See you in New Hampshire! Looks like there’s some good vegan food to be had throughout NH too!

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5 Responses to “Operation Live Free Or Die”

  1. roxi Says:

    HEY HEY we will be heading to NH next week to help our man win the state too!!

    getting excited!!

    roxi4ronpaul2008 AT gmail DOT com is my email feel free to contact me anytime!

  2. Ernest Hancock Says:

    We are beginning to coordinate the weekend of Dec. 15th and 16th for a flood of r3VOLutionariesis going to New Hampshire. I am in Manchester now working on this project. I just finished with a meeting of volunteers where we coordinated our schedules to determine this weekend as the best for this event to make our presence known. We are traveling from Arizona (and other places) to make certain that the work is done to inject the Ron Paul liberty infection into the New Hampshire (for which there is no cure). I heard about your desire to accomplish the same goal and hoped that we could talk about it. Please contact me by phone at 602 717 5900.

    The Phoenix RonPaulRevolution

  3. Don't get it Says:

    I’m a little confused… what’s the big deal about this guy? People just want to grab onto him as some level of hope and salvation, or is it like a cult where people just want to belong to something.

  4. vegangirl Says:

    Hi, Don’t get it,

    I recommend watching this interview with Ron Paul at Google:

    This gives a great view of Ron Paul’s positions and it also makes it clear (to me at least) that Ron Paul is an honest, sincere, and principled person with a genuine vision for this country based on the Constitution and founding principles.

    The reason a lot of people support him is because his views make a lot of sense for the future of the country. The reason people are incredibly enthusiastic die-hard supporters is because he is an oasis of honesty and principle in a sea of liars and criminals. We trust him to not sell out the people to special interests because in 20 years of service as a Congressman, he never has. That is so rare and who knows when we will have another opportunity like this again to vote for a truly decent man.

  5. Win Says:

    Don’t get it? End the IRS and you’ll get to keep your money. Get it now? Plus you won’t have to keep getting reports of war dead, or listen to * embarrass the nation, or etc, etc.

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