Ron Paul eats live baby, I still support him

October 31st, 2007

Recently, on Liberty Pundit, this statement was posted about Ron Paul: “…this man could eat a live baby on national television and it wouldn’t matter a bit to his lunatic, kook supporters.” (Original post: Ron Paul Scandal)

Eating a live baby is a gross exaggeration, but yes, Ron Paul could theoretically do something terrible and this kook would still support him.

To continue with the horrific metaphor of eating live babies, Ron Paul would still get my vote because all of his opponents have eaten dozens of live babies already. And then to make matters worse, they either pretended they never ate the babies even though we all saw them eat babies on national television, or they tried to convince me that those were cantaloupes, when any idiot could see they were babies.

The “dirt” that gets dug up on Ron Paul, compared to the smoldering mess that our government has gotten us into, is just not very compelling to Ron Paul supporters. So, a few anti-Semites and KKK members support Ron Paul. Big deal. So do vegans, nice old ladies, Green Party members, and good Christian folk. Ron Paul is an honest man. He has integrity. That puts him head and shoulders above the competition. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about his candidacy.

Now, if Ron Paul actually eats a live baby…I’ll think about registering as a Democrat and voting for Kucinich instead. Vegans don’t eat babies.

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5 Responses to “Ron Paul eats live baby, I still support him”

  1. Miranda Says:

    lol 🙂

  2. Katherine/aka Aunt Kathie Says:

    Kucinich! Kucinich! Vote for Kucinich! I hate to root for the eating of live babies, but…. Paul is a decent guy, but Kucinich is better. Of course all the media coverage either one of them gets is about eating live babies and seeing UFOs. Kind of makes me feel like there’s a conspiracy to keep smart, honest people who care about truth and the Constitution out of office, doesn’t it?

  3. patrick Says:

    Aunt Kathie – please reconsider changing to Republican for the primaries. I did. Paul has a much much greater chance of winning than DK, who I also like. In fact, he and RP are friends and agree on a lot, just not how to fund it. DK doesn’t have the funding and has been marginalized. RP has the money, and the marginalization is disappearing. He is uniting all party affiliations and CAN win. If we don’t get him on the Repub ticket, we will get HC or BO against RG or MR…all of which will continue to disolve our civil liberties, continue the war, and bankcrupt us.

    please ….


    blue dog dem atheist for ron paul

    p.s. it’s 5 clicks on the internet to change affiliations with your local supervisor of elections.

    and if RP doesn’t get the ticket, vote your concience in the general.


  4. Katherine/Aunt Kathie Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    It’s too late for me to change parties even if I wanted to. I’m afraid I really want to push for Kuchich because I so strongly believe in his positions on every issue and because he has had the courage to force the question of Impeachment when nobody else has the courage or integrity to do so.

    I also want to say – one of my pet peeves right now – is that we all are putting way too much faith in polls. I don’t trust the media driven polls. We don’t know who’s asking the questions, what questions they are asking, how they are slanted, or who is being asked.

    Kucinich came in first in the Democracy for America poll. He got 31 (or more) percent of the votes, followed by Al Gore who was a write in. I think Edwards came next. Clinton was way down the list.

    Kucinich comes in first in this poll as well, leading all others from both parties by a significant margin.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if America took back her government and we had a Kucinich vs Paul race. Not likely, but it would be grand, wouldn’t it?

    I’m also doing everything I can think of to try and push for impeachment. I truly think it’s profoundly important that we do it no matter how inconvenient it might be. What does it say about us that we were willing to impeach a president for dishonesty about his private life but no willing to impeach a man who has committed crimes against humanity. Nothing good.

    Go Ron Paul AND Dennis Kucinich!

  5. NH Says:

    They got this from the libelous Wonkette website that said Ron Paul aborts babies then stores them in his attic to eat later or something horrid.

    Yes, we are in dire straights and all they can do is dig up stupid things about stupid people who don’t matter.

    I’m sure Hillary and Obama have many more racists supporting them.

    And please, I would never vote for Kucinich! He’s a communist!
    He is the total opposite of Ron Paul so I don’t see how the two can even be compared.

    Impeachement is also a waste of time. Ron Paul does not support that, after all, he is a Republican trying to save the Republic while the others are selling out to the UN.

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