Sunny Point Cafe breakfast now even worse than before

April 1st, 2012
Sunny Point Cafe Tofu Bacon

Tofu bacon, the only reason to go to Sunny Point Cafe

I never really understood why the wait to get into Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville was always so long and why they always win “Best Of” awards. I figured maybe people like their eggs. I almost never go there, but on occasion I’ll go just because they are one of the only vegan-friendly-ish places in Asheville that opens early for breakfast, and they are very close by.

They had 2 vegan breakfast options which made it a tolerable place to eat. Sadly, I went in this morning looking forward to the vegan cornmeal hot cakes, which are so delicious but not the healthiest thing in the world, only to find out that they removed it from their menu.

That leaves only the Huevos Fucheros (vegan option) which isn’t that great but it’s filling and fairly healthy. It’s a tolerable option if you’re dragged there by non-vegan friends.

The only item on the menu that makes Sunny Point worth going to at all is their side of tofu bacon. It’s nothing like bacon at all, but it has to be the best tofu in town.

We figured out today that Green Sage opens for breakfast at 7am. Next time we’ll try there instead.

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