Vegan Video: A Life Connected

August 2nd, 2008

This video is rare in that it approaches veganism from a positive and hopeful perspective. I’m not going to knock the disturbing factory farming videos with their naked violence, and ominous music since that is what brought me to live a more compassionate lifestyle.

At this point, 15 years later, I can’t bear to watch those movies anymore. It’s too painful and I don’t feel that it helps me. My life is no longer about being angry at the awfulness of the world. It’s about what I can do, as just one person, to make things better. Maybe it isn’t enough to end all suffering everywhere, but it is all I can do. Being pissed off doesn’t help anyone but myself – it’s entirely self-indulgent. Meanwhile the animals, the planet, and the people of the world go right on suffering.

It seems to me that a lot of people are reaching a similar conclusion in their own lives. I am posting this video because I believe it is more in line with this new way of living and thinking than any other video on veganism that I have seen. I hope you will watch it with an open heart and an open mind.

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3 Responses to “Vegan Video: A Life Connected”

  1. Aunt Kathie Says:

    This really is very well done and thought-provoking. I may lift it from you and post it on my site as “food for thought,” even though I can’t claim to live by it.

  2. Tuco Says:

    Haven’t actually watched the video yet (this computer doesn’t have the right player – or speakers for that matter), but I’m in the same boat regarding the factory farming videos – I can’t watch them anymore either.

    I think there is some value in being pissed off, though. Knowing that the big agricultural companies (and CAFOs) are almost insultingly corrupt, and getting mad about it, leads to grassroots action, and that’s where change gets made.
    What’s that quote by Margaret Mead… “never doubt that a group of concerned citizens can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    Take care!

  3. vegangirl Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Tuco.

    Being angry and staying continually angry used to motivate me to take action and keep taking action even when I was exhausted from it all. If that works for people, I won’t knock it.

    I no longer find it necessary to feel angry in order to make a positive difference for animals, and in fact not being angry has allowed me now to reach a whole other segment of the population who was unable to see past my negativity and anger before. Lucky for me I am able to enjoy my life much more than I used to when I was pissed all the time. Some people thrive on that, and that’s fine.

    Whoever a person is and on whatever terms they communicate to others, there is most likely an audience out there who can relate to their message.

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