Vegetable garden, take two

April 20th, 2009

I went out onto my back porch today to take in a little vitamin D, and happened to notice that my blueberry bush – the one that I had written off for dead not a few weeks before – blossoming with new leaves. It reminded me of the ill-fated “winter greens” that I planted in October around the same time.

Spring is here. Time for new beginnings. I figure this time, my leafy greens have a couple of things going for them that they didn’t have last time around:

  1. No more sub-freezing temperatures
  2. No more cats using the garden as a litterbox

I used a metal rake to break the dirt up a bit and smooth things over, then sprinkled some all-purpose organic fertilizer, that I had bought for some good reason I’m sure, around the planting area. Then I buried little rows of left-over seeds from last fall.

If this goes well, maybe I’ll venture into planting some root vegetables or vine plants.

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3 Responses to “Vegetable garden, take two”

  1. Raven Says:

    Hope your garden provides much good eating and pleasure.

  2. siobhan Says:

    Maybe it’s your all purpose compost thats killing your blueberry plant!!

    that compost contains lime and they hate lime.
    try some ericaceous compost!
    and dont feed with tap water – only rain water

  3. vegangirl Says:

    Thanks for the info Siobhan. I meant to respond sooner. I did add some acid-loving plant fertilizer to the mix which seems to have helped. My blueberry plant is still alive and is actually finally starting to look pretty good.

    And I just ordered some rain barrels today so in a couple of weeks I can stop torturing my plants with the tap water.

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