Why my gluten allergy was a blessing

October 12th, 2007

Diagnosing my gluten allergy immediately taught me two things: 1) My health is entirely in my hands. I am not a defenseless victim of poor health. 2) Eating well feels really great! At the time, there weren’t quite so many gluten-free junk food snacks. Or at least, I wasn’t aware of them. So I cleaned up my diet quite a bit and felt terrific.

That inspired me to get a health evaluation at a naturpathic clinic. Darkfield microscopy showed that I had candida, or yeast, in my blood. I picked up a copy of The Yeast Connection and discovered a whole host of other symptoms that I could potentially overcome as well. After reading this book, I gave up processed food and sugar. I had quite a sugar addiction, so it wasn’t easy, but I was committed to being healthy. After 30 days, I felt better than I could ever remember.

It wasn’t for another year or so that I started learning about raw food. By this time, I was hooked on the idea of becoming optimally healthy. A DVD about preparing raw meals and a lecture by Victoria Boutenko about the power of leafy greens was all it took to push me, full force, into raw foods. You wouldn’t understand unless you tried it for a few weeks, but trust me, eating raw food feels amazing. It’s a whole new world.

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One Response to “Why my gluten allergy was a blessing”

  1. Chisel Says:

    I too am gluten-free vegan, and my mother diagnosed me with celiac sprue–a blessing too–as a baby, so I was aware of my gluten intolerance, an auto-immune disorder (AID). She developed it in her thirties, and we learned first hand that having one AID puts you at risk for a second.

    A year and a half ago, my mom and I were simultaneously very ill for extended periods. She called me one night and told me about relapsing polychondritis (the other AID), and how she’d gone vegan for a week. I did the same and we will never go back.

    Great to hear from other GFV’s!!! Although you’re more of a GYFRV (gluten/yeast-free raw vegan)…

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