Travel food for the vegan health nut

December 30th, 2007

Healthy vegan raw travel food

I’m leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow, as part of Operation Live Free or Die, to help win the first presidential primary for Ron Paul. Staying healthy while traveling for 9 days is a challenge under any circumstances. A vegan health nut staying healthy in the midst of republicans and libertarians is near impossible. I’ve only ever done this successfully for a couple of days, but I’m convinced it can be done longer term with a little preparation.

I will need to bring snacks and supplements that require no preparation, pack up small, and can make it through airport security. Here is what I have come up with for my trip.

Raw energy bars: I made these myself and dumped in whatever I had around that looked nourishing. They contain sprouted buckwheat, sprouted quinoa, apple, pear, ground flax seeds, barley grass powder, and a hint of vanilla. I also made a second batch with shredded coconut, cacao (raw chocolate) powder, and maca powder, for some extra energy in the morning. These taste absolutely horrible, by the way, but I can eat just about anything if I know it’s good for me.

Manna bread: This sprouted grain bread is very nutritious and very dense. I can break off a chunk for a satisfying snack.

Greens+ Chocolate Energy Bars: I am very addicted to these and have never been able to stop myself from eating them when I buy more than one. I bought 9 for my trip and will attempt to limit myself to 1 bar per day. It will be an interesting experiment. I know it’s really just another candy bar, but it’s very healthy as candy bars go: no sugar, no gluten, high fiber, high protein, and alkaline.

Also included in my travel stash are some supplements: Probiotics, MSM, B12 tablets, and noni pills, to keep my immune system working at full capacity. I’m also bringing along some digestive enzymes for those times when I have to eat some less than ideal food.

Some extra good news is that I will be staying with another vegan Ron Paul supporter, which is amazing luck, and there will be plenty of good produce and snacks in town. But I won’t be able to eat the same healthy meals I normally make at home, like my daily green smoothies, and I’m sure to be stuck without many food options at some point during my trip. I am hopeful that this nutrient-packed foods will keep me healthy and energized on the Ron Paul 2008 campaign trail.

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5 Responses to “Travel food for the vegan health nut”

  1. Katherine/Aunt Kathie Says:


    Looks like you are well prepared. I’ll bet you find a nice health food store there and even get to have some of your smoothies.

    Hope it’s a great trip. Go Ron Paul! Go Dennis Kucinich! The best candidates there are.

  2. Jed Gillen Says:

    What I usually do when I travel is buy a loaf of bread and make the entire thing into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and then supplement that with as many visits to Subway as possible.

    On a completely unrelated note, I get sick often and have pain in my joints befitting a man twice my age.

  3. Kari Sullivan Says:

    Those energy bars look really really good. I’m another vegan Ron Paul supporter 🙂

  4. vegangirl Says:

    Thanks, Kari. But they actually tasted quite terrible. They did grow on me though and they were very filling and have kept me feeling healthy so far.

    I think they’d be great if I used spirulina instead of barley grass powder. Or, anything instead of barley grass powder.

  5. vegangirl Says:

    So, how did I do? It worked out quite well, actually. I did manage to limit myself to only 1 Greens+ bar per day, and the Manna bread lasted all the way through the plane ride home.

    The only failure in the plan was that I ran out of both kinds of the home made buckwheat bars at around day 7. I think if I had started out with about 6 cups of sprouts, it would have been perfect.

    The last two days I ate Thai and Chinese food, both of which had my stomach in knots. I also had to go to a “regular” grocery store and pick up some Amy’s soup and tofu hot dogs to keep myself fed. But 7 out of 9 days of healthy eating is pretty darn good.

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